Purpose and Vision

Gisborne view

Our vision

The ECT will assist in creating a more positive, prosperous and attractive community. 

“We need a more positive and vibrant business community. We need quality community assets. We need children to have confidence in their future and a population that respects each other. All these needs must be achieved in partnership with our unique cultural history and the indelible connection between Maori and Pakeha.”

Gavin Murphy, Chief Executive

Although this vision needs support from the whole community, ECT will commit our resources to those investments that will make the greatest contribution towards achieving this vision and transforming our region.

Our mission

“To contribute towards increasing the quantity and quality of choices people and groups can make, to build meaningful and fulfilled lives. Our focus will be on fostering the Gisborne district's economic prosperity through acquiring, owning and prudently governing investments and utilising resources to support and encourage selected commercial and community initiatives.”

Our purpose

The Trust was established for the following purposes:

  1. To preserve the value of the capital of the Trust fund.
  2. To provide for the people of Gisborne (the beneficiaries) by:
    (a) Paying and subsidising the installation, maintenance, or supply of electricity to areas of the district that have excessive charges compared with the majority of consumers.
    (b) Supporting business, community and other initiatives which are likely to encourage or sustain economic growth within the district, or may directly or indirectly benefit the people of Gisborne.